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Wenzhou JINGCAI Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Ruian Jingsai Printing Machinery Factory) is a professional manufacturer of soft packaging equipment in China. It mainly produces gravure printing machine, compound machine, slitting machine, bag making machine, film blowing machine and other equipment. Product quality is reliable, honest service, well received by users, market share is rising.
With its keen vision and innovative business philosophy, the company introduces modern advanced technology and equipment, uses scientific management methods, gives full play to the advantages of enterprise technology and talents, constantly adjusts the comprehensive and diversified business development strategy of product structure, lays a solid foundation for enterprise development, and adheres to the principle of "technological innovation, quality first, customer first" in customer orientation. While providing high-quality products, customers are provided with comprehensive technical consultation and perfect after-sales service. The company has established a solid relationship of mutual prosperity and mutual benefit between the vast number of Chinese and foreign customers. It always considers users'friends and is the most sincere friend of users. 查看详细



在各自岗位上,我们发挥不同的专长,激发不同的能量。 在一件事情上,我们共享同样的观念,强化同样的认同。 正气,是端正的立身品德,是无私的敬业精神,是殷切的服务关怀,是廉洁的团队风气。是一切不良风气的反面,是所有精彩的写照。