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FQ-A-FQ-A Type Horizontal·Slitter
FQ-A-FQ-A Type Horizontal·Slitter
The present Machine is applicable to the rolling materials such as BOPP, PET, PE , CPP��plastic
films, aluminum foils, papers, etc.
Complete Machine: Automatic correction for the unwinding, automatic meter-counting for the rewinding and the speed regulation by frequency variation for the master.
Automatic correction for the unwinding, edge or printing line tracking by photoelectric eye. Unwinding material is fastened by the air shaft, unwinding tension is controlled by the magnetic particle (automatic constant tension may be equipped additionally).
Cutting Method: It uses the straight-blade make the cutting (the circular-blade cutting device
can be equipped additionally).
It sets the air supply device of waste.
Rewinding material is fastened by the air shaft, rewinding is driven by the Magnetic Particle
Clutch, the press roll of rewinding makes more neat surface of coiled material.
Technical parameter:
Max. Width of Material 700、1100、1300、1500mm(Max.width of cutting material bases on the Contract)
Max.D|ameter of Unwinding ∮600mm/∮1000mm(intemal diameter of paper core is∮76mm)
Max.Diameter of Rewinding 约∮550mm(Approximately 50mm(intemal diameter of paper core is∮76mm)
Range of Cutting Width 100mm(1100 Type)
Max.SDeed Of MaChine 200m/min
Precision of Correction ±0.3mm
total Power 5.5KW(1100 Type)
Weight about2100KG(1100Type)
DimenSion 2200mm×2300mm×1400mm

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