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-JSASY-B Type· heat transfer printer
JSASY-B Type· heat transfer printer
The machine is suitable for BOPP, PET, PVC, PE plastic film, paper, aluminum foil roll material.
1. Automatic tinted system configuration of microprocessor control unit independence, can rapidly accurate correction color deviation.
2. The main transmission mechanism: Japan yaskawa vector inverter control vector machine is used in the main drive system, frequency control, drive plate in each group.
3. The version with no shaft mechanism: plate adopt cylinder, pull the core shaft for plate, horizontal adjustment adopts screw mobile.
Features: reduce the version in time.
4. Pneumatic ink scraper, scraper can be adjusted up and down and point of view, on the pressure of single cylinder, horizontal movement adopts synchronous motor rotary CAM motion.
Features: extension version of birthday noodles.
5. Stamping lifting mechanism: embossed with double cylinder booster and slider since the lock, the cylinder gas leakage and stop cylinder down protection.
Features: guarantee the average pressure, to ensure the color difference.
6. Tinted institutions: using computer control synchronous motor through the slowing transmission ball screw adjustment, automatic matching color.
Features: turn the lubrication, tinted with high precision.
7. Collect, feeding mechanism: use double location, non-stop material.
8, feeding tension and accept, feeding traction tension using frequency vector control speed.
Characteristics: accelerate the matching color stability, lateral run version, not for mass printing can save material, printing ink, solvent and energy, in the high speed automatic refueling, picking the biggest waste of 10 meters, printing ink, solvent and energy saving 20%, greatly reduce the finished product.
9. Dry: electric heat pipe distribution in each group of the blowing mouth of the oven heating, formed inside the oven hot air circulation, temperature is controlled by intelligent temperature controller. Cycle recycle wind.
Features: save electricity.
10. Cooling structure: oven used centrifuge vacuum blower, roll back water cooled.
Features: fast cooling material.
Technical parameter:




Printing diameter Ф120mm~Ф320mm Ф120mm~Ф320mm Ф120mm~Ф320mm
Printing width 1000 800 600
Unwind Diameter Ф600mm Ф600mm Ф600mm
Winding diameter Ф600mm Ф600mm Ф600mm
Mechanical speed 10-150m/min 10-150m/min 10-150m/min
Printing speed 10-130m/min 10-130m/min 10-130m/min
Overprint precision ≤0.1mm ≤0.1mm ≤0.1mm
Drying methods Electric heating (heating oil or steam) Electric heating (heating oil or steam) Electric heating (heating oil or steam)
Total power 120KW 120KW 120KW
Machine weight 40000KG 39000KG 38000KG
Dimensions 18690×3400×3400(mm) 18690×3200×2500(mm) 18690×3000×3400(mm)

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