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JSF-B-JSF-B Model Series·High-speed·Heavy Laminator
JSF-B-JSF-B Model Series·High-speed·Heavy Laminator
The machine is suitable for BOPP, PET, PVC, PE plastic film, paper, aluminum foil roll material.
Single-post unwinder stand, laminating material fastened by air shaft,with EPC correcting system and auto tension controller.
Rewinder Device:
Single-post unwinder stand, laminating material fastened by air shaft,in the form of centeral rolling and moment motor driven
Coating method:
Anilox Roller coating
Heating Oven:
Four-section manual open oven, the whole oven is designed by the negative pressure with the large air flow and wind pressure for creating the low
temperature and large air drying,The passing roller inside is driven by the single electrical motor and transmitted by the synchronous belt with the
low noise(Outside the oven with EPC correcting system)
Laminating method:
It is featured by the three-roller, heavy type and compound for ensuring the resultant of forces, even surface (chilling roller is optional)
Machine Control system that are optional:
Winder and both main motor use the import PLC controIAC vector converter motors, Closed-Ioop tension control and display(Full machine use three
sets EPC correcting system)
Technical parameter:
Max. Laminating width
600,800 ,1000 ,1200-1400mm (Max. Laminating materials width bases on the contract)
Coating Method Anilox Roller(Shaft less by air cylinder)
Max Machinery speed 150m/min (up to the Φ150mm Anilox Roller)
Diameter of Winder Φ600mm,Φ800mm (Inner diameter of paper core is Φ76mm)
Drying Method
Electrical heating
If the Extarior and Configuration of machine is changed, the entity shall ba first.

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